Disc Drivin' HD App Reviews

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Great game

Fun game to play with friends.

Great Game

This is one of my favorite games but it needs to be updated more. We need new tracks :)

Great family game

love playing the game with my boys!


Love this game. You will too!

My favorite

This is my favorite game of all!

Similar to PitchCar

But way more fun than that overpriced board game!

Still play it almost daily.

I've had this game for ages, it's still fun, after all this time. Really glad to see that tracks are still be added to it!

Great game

Fine turn-based game

Dics Drivin

Great game. Been enjoying it for over a year. Fun at home pass and play, on line works great. Really happy that you finally got some new tracks.

Disc Drivin

Great game for all ages. New tracks make it even more fun.

Never Grows Old

I love this game! The many tracks, the well-implemented online play including a well-done chat feature make this one of my favorite game apps.

Amazing game

By far my most used and loved iOS game. Have been playing with a core group of friends for years now. No sign of stopping.


I've downloaded and deleted this game several times thinking it would get better! Nope! So boring and when I finally get to play my disc goes about 3 inches. Pulling my hair out!

luv it

I always beat my friends on this it fun! Better than a lot of other apps

Simple but Crazy Fun

Like others, I've been playing this for a few years now. Why? It's fun. Great gameplay against friends (and strangers), turns take just a few seconds, nice bonus features (like the top-down view, turn replay & chat interface). My only request would be for a way to block certain courses from the random course selection (I'm looking at you, Round and Round).

Tremendous fun

With a great variety of tracks. Highly recommended.

Easily the best iOS game.

I've been playing this game for close to three years now, and it's still getting updated with new content. I can't say that for any other game I've purchased, and I've purchased hundreds. They just doubled the number of tracks from 25 to 50 by adding mirrored tracks for each course. My only request is for a "next race" button so I can cycle through my turns more easily, but that's a very minor complaint for an essentially perfect game.


Awesome game. We need new maps!

Not bad

Not bad but game play is too slow and doesn't allow for deleting players who don't play in a timely manner.

Great fun

Fun for kids and adults! Would love to see a new version with more tracks, even one's with upward and downward slopes. Needs a leader board.

Love it

We play with all eight discs and have names for them. Like the different tracks. Fun without the stress of some games.


Great game

The best

This game is honestly the best kept secret. I haven't stopped playing it since I downloaded it 3 years ago.


Great app. Fun to play. Love it.

Turn based non-strategy game

I am amazed that they game exists. Well done!

Need new tracks

I've been playing this game for over a year now and I still love it. You need to make a whole new set of tracks though these are getting old


I got knocked off the track and when it was my turn, I was unable to take my turn. My opponent was placed on top of my disc and we had to start a new race.

Great fun ... Would love 3+ for pass and plays

We have fun playing pass and play with all the different maps...would love more maps but most especially to add extra players.

Dark game

This game is frustrating. I should be good at it! I keep trying, but I keep making mistakes. Watch out, opponents (especially Perryreal) when I figure this out. I ain't given' up!

Great fun!

Love it! Keep adding new courses, please :)

Excellent Game and Great Support

Disc Driving is one of the few games that accomplishes all of the things needed to be considered a great game. It is addicting, it is beautifully constructed and it is just plain fun. No zombies, no blood, no idiotic and intrusive music, no ads. It's just fun game play and it works. You can play alone or with friends on the same screen or separate devices. It is well supported by the creators and new tracks keep being added. This is truly one of the app store's better games and totally worth trying out.


This by far is one of my favorite games. Lots of different tracks too.

Needs a refresh button *********

Please put a refresh button or swipe-down to refresh. It's a pain to have to close the app and reopen it to see updated games.


Great game, but after ten races all I see is a black screen now. Reinstalled it, too. Strange.


Been playing for over a year with friends. Amazing game!

Best game in the App Store

I love this and have been playing it for a year or more!

Great game

Very happy

Great game but needs this tweak to get 5 stars

Excellent and fun version of PitchCar for iOS. One thing it needs, IMO, at least on the iPad is to make the power button at the bottom-right not be just one power. Instead have all the powers arrayed up the right edge of the screen but smaller so they're all easily selectable. Because sometimes you fire off a shot, and need one power but it's not selected. And you don't have time to find the right one before you need to fire it. Or, you do have time, but you can't tell what they are since they're all grayed out and unreadable. So, in short, do away with the selection button bottom-left and just make all the powers available (but hide them until the shot actually begins, then make them appear once the disk starts moving). And another suggestion is to make the tracks friction differ - little sense to be on a frozen track if the disk moves in the exact same way as on every other track. Also please work on the physics - in some cases it's ridiculously unrealistic (and irritating). For example on a track where the road narrows shooting a shot straight into the narrow section, where the disk brushes the side, instead of simply slightly deflecting/slowing the disk, it ends up bouncing back and forth which is highly unrealistic. As an example, in a game I just played a move in, I was skipping off a wall heading down the track. As I was slowing I hit the turbo which just happened to be the exact moment I was glancing off the wall(but still heading down the track). The turbo actually REVERSED my direction of movement, sending me BACKWARDS the way I had come. Completely unrealistic and impossible in real world physics if you were rubbing a smooth wall that was mostly parallel to your direction of travel. Another item I'd like to see added to the game - a toggle when creating a game to use the default behavior or resetting an opponent you knock off the track back to where he was, and an "aggressive" mode where opponents who get knocked off the track reset to the beginning of their current lap. So if I manage to knock one of my opponents off the track during his second lap he returns to the starting line beginning his second lap again.

Awesome Sauce

This is worth 5x the price. 4 game modes, like 15 tracks with more all the time....it's simply one of the best game apps out there.

Worthy every penny!

Absolutely the best multiplayer game out that doesn't make you remember elementary or something. Only downside, NONE!

Great game

Like the game looking forward to more maps.

Best App on my iPad.

I really enjoy this app. It is very addictive.

Awesome fun.

I love this game. Pure love. And after months of playing it. Running 10 games at a time vs my brother online is worth every penny. I would still love an improved method of keeping the turns rolling. I still rely on exiting the app and relaunching to update the games back to the "my turn" column. It should update better within the app. I'm desperate for more tracks and would love more design options for my disc, too. Please take this game to the next level!


Would like to see vs AI. Also a button to manually update races

FUN Game

Great game. Great fun. Great replayability. Use your turn to help yourself or mess with yor buddy. Whats not to like?


Loads of fun. Love playing matches with people


I can't put it down!


Awesome game played daily. A favorite

Awesome game

Play it all the time.

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